How To Crack NEET in 6 Months

When we are just six months away from one of the toughest exams of the country NEET-UG- the medical entrance test, what all do you need to prepare for it. Yes, with better planning and smart work aspirant can prepare for NEET in these six months. This post is for all those who feel they feel that they have run out of time for the upcoming NEET exam. It is never too late to start your preparation. One always needs to be determined and focused to achieve something. And when this comes to NEET, determination, and focus are a must. After all, being a doctor has an aim in mind you need determination, hard work, and passion for your medical profession but what you need more are those little tips to conquer it. And we here at Aayyam will try to help you how to crack NEET in 6 months.

So let’s get started 

1.Time management

The most important factor is time management. Understand the syllabus thoroughly and go through all the topics of each subject one by one. We have 180 days left for the exam and need to study 3 subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

Give each subject equal days and leave the same for revisions and mock tests. So, you get 45 days for each subject which is 135 days, and the remaining 45 days for self-evaluation and extra practice.  

This will help you to stay calm and positive throughout your preparation days. Else stress is one of the major reasons for Time mismanagement. And one needs to be calm and relaxed while studying.

2.Prepare a road map

This is for sure the basic step that every aspirant should do. Prepare a road map as to where do you see yourself in the future. Set your goals, followed by all the baby steps that will lead you to your dream medical profession. This will help you to stay motivated and determined towards your goal.

3.Memory maps

This is one of the most effective techniques to have revisions. Note down every important point you find on a plain paper while studying. This could be in abbreviated form or in some kind of code which will help you to remember at the time of revision. Use colorful pens so that you can highlight each written point of yours. And self-prepared notes are always your savior at the last minute revision.

Go through marks distribution – while going through the syllabus check for marks distribution on each topic of a subject. Accordingly, you need to prepare memory maps of that topic or subject.

4.Choose Good books.

Choosing a good book is like choosing the best company. As far now NCERT is the best to be followed. Take the help of last year’s NEET toppers interviews and know about their study pattern. By this, you may get an idea about their preparation techniques.

5. Self-motivation

Sounds weird? But yes a very powerful key. Self-motivation, self-boosting is one of the most proven therapy to win any situation. Start your day with a positive quote that will help you to be motivated throughout the day.

6. Maintain balance.

Remember Jack, A boy with all work and no play? Dull boy. Balance your day with some  “Me time”. Set a timetable for study hours and your other activities that keep you refreshed. You should be able to give a minimum of 2 hours to yourself in the entire day, maybe in short breaks of 10-15 minutes or at a stretch. However, you find it helpful.

7.Find your strengths.

While going through all the subjects you will be able to find out very easily your core subject and at the same time the weak one too. The subject that can ensure you a good score and also at the one which you need to practice hard.

8. Ask doubts.

Keep in touch with your teachers. Ask them your doubts, your difficulties. They will surely help you to get through it. 

9.Stick to the plan 

No matter whatever distractions come in, don’t let them disturb your focus Remember, to crack country’s one of the toughest exam you need a lot of hard work.

10. Self-evaluation 

Go through the last few year’s NEET exam papers. Solve it sincerely and self evaluate or ask your teacher to check your answer sheet. Score yourself with the rules that are followed in NEET which is negative marking. Follow this pattern every time. This will help you a lot in the upcoming NEET.

11. Concentrate on weaker sections

Everyone has a different skillset. Someone might be weak in organic chemistry but would have a great hold on the rest of the subjects. The person might feel stressed about the weaker section and hence might not be able to concentrate on the weaker topic. As mentioned before, don’t be stressed. Take guidance from your friends and teachers for the weaker topic and understand the topic. By solving topics of your weaker sections, you get a better understanding and gain confidence.

With a list of to-do tips, here are a few “Don’t” which are also to be followed.-

  1. Don’t stray away from  the timetable

Follow the timetable prepared religiously. As you have limited time, every day is precious, and straying away from the time table for even a few hours can cost you your preparation.

  1. Don’t make the timetable hectic

As said earlier, time is limited but our brains also get tired. Rest is important for our body as well as our mind. Having an overly hectic schedule can affect concentration and retention capacity.

  1. Don’t forget NCERT

Nearly 70-80% of NEET questions come from the NCERT syllabus. Hence it is important to emphasize the syllabus contained in NCERT books also.

4.Don’t refer to too many books.

The fear of missing out is very large and this might be the reason that you might get tempted to refer to many books. However, referring to many books may cause confusion as many authors have very different views on different topics. Avoid confusion and follow a few books.

Follow these tips from Aayaam to increase your chances of cracking NEET-UG and furthering your pace in becoming a doctor. All the best!