How to stay Motivated! How to keep distracting thoughts away!

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Sometimes when you have to do all that studying and keep up with reading from previous weeks. Life feels like a drag.

It can be stressful because together with the studying can come a wave of questions where you doubt your own self on a personal level with various thoughts such as:

‘Do I even understand these subjects?’… 

‘Am I going to be able to do something interesting?’…  

‘Am I going to do the right thing?’

‘Am I doing enough  for this?’

‘Others seem to be more better at things than I am’

‘What if I do something wrong?’ 

These thoughts are minor but can lead to underwhelming feelings that interfere with your willpower and motivation. So to generate and refill that motivation you could do some of the following things:

1.  Acknowledge your caliber, find motivation within.

It may be useful to write these feelings or thoughts down and then leave these on the side so you can then study them later. know what your mind resists. Do something that fuels you. 

2.  Do not run away from your work

Avoiding work and procrastinating can make you feel down. This is emotionally more exhausting than having to go through the frustration of reading for your exams or other stuff.

3.  Do not blame yourself for procrastinating.

Try to become aware of your harmful habit and slowly make yourself to go back to the task sooner rather than afterward.

4. Try to know your studying habits better

What will make it better for you to work? We all inhabit pleasant experiences and it is natural that we tend to not face uncomfortable dry tasks and works.  So try to make your study as interesting as possible.

5. Don’t question your abilities

Don’t put your morale down by comparing yourself to other people.

6. Visualise starting.

Sit down and work even if this is for just 20 minutes. See starting as a startup process like a plane on a runway. You may start slow but you will still take off soon!

7. Focus on the task at hand

Prioritize the most important tasks and avoid taking loads of work together.

You could also try different types of tasks. Try reading over your notes, creating a mind map or drawing pictures, making up poems to help you remember things, doing practice tests, or even teaching something to your colleagues and friends, and having them explain to you something you find tough. Meeting as a group to share and discuss problems and answers prepared by each person can give you a helpful critique of your own solution, and also help you think of other creative answers.

It all helps to keep you motivated, and stop you from getting stale.

When you start a long term of study, whether a degree or a period of study for professional courses, it can feel like it is all huge. This is especially true when exams start to near.

However, it is crucial not to allow your studies to take over your life.

Especially when you are going to be studying for some longer terms, or even years, you need to make sure that you give in time for family, friends, and exercise, to be healthy in mind and body.

Think about the hiking of Mountain; it is not easy and can even be uncomfortable but the sense of success comes when you begin to see the view from the top, feel the air and when you reach the top you get a sense of achievement along with satisfaction. Focus on the output and not the problems to get there!