Revision Checklist for NEET 2021

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With just only a month remaining for NEET 2021, it is now the high time to complete your studies and start revising the things you learned in this course of two years. With such a vast syllabus to cover it might sometime seem difficult to revise everything. Well no worries, let us go through what we have learned and systematically revise all the topics. Here’s a checklist of all the topics that you must revisit and remember in these crucial moments.
As we all know that NEET comprises three subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; It is necessary to approach and solve the maximum number of questions to score better and secure a good rank. So here’s a subject-wise checklist of chapters you must revise before the

1. NEET Physics – (45 Questions)
As discussed earlier, we all know how to tackle these physics problems. You might have
memorized all the formulas but some concepts are so tricky that you must revisit and revise
them once before the final exam
Mechanics –
1. Dimensional and error analysis
2. Acceleration due to gravity
3. Conservation of momentum & energy and collisions
4. Equations of motion
5. Kepler’s laws
6. Mechanics of common forces
7. Moment of inertia and dynamics of rotational motion
8. Pascal’s law, Bernoulli’s principle, viscosity, and Reynolds’ number
9. Potential energy of a spring
10. Projectile and circular motion
11. Relative motion
12. Satellites
13. Simple Harmonic motion
14. Standing waves & Beats, Doppler effect
15. Transverse and longitudinal waves: superposition and reflection.

Heat and Thermodynamics –

1. Thermodynamics
2. Thermal Properties
3. Kinetic theory of gases
4. First Law of Thermodynamics and Heat Capacity
5. Heat engines, refrigerators and heat pumps
6. Heat transfer
7. Law of equipartition of energy, specific heat capacity and mean free path
8. Newton’s Law of Cooling
9. Reversible and irreversible processes and Carnot engine
10. Second law of thermodynamics
11. Specific Heat Capacity and Calorimeters
12. Thermodynamic state variables, equation of state and thermodynamic processes
13. Transfer of Thermal Expansion

Electrostatics and Magnetism –

1. Electric charges and fields
2. Electric potential and capacitance
3. Electromagnetic waves and communication systems
4. Magnetism and matter
5. Moving charges and magnetism

Some other Significant Topics –

1. Ampere’s Circuital law
2. Bandwidth and modulation of signals in communication systems
3. Bar magnet and magnetic field lines
4. Biot-Savart Law
5. Capacitance and Capacitors
6. Continuous charge distribution and Gauss’s Law
7. Electric charge and Coulomb’s Law
8. Electric field, field lines, flux
9. Electromagnetic waves and spectrum
10. Electrostatic potential and work done
11. Electrostatics of conductors and Dielectrics
12. Force between two parallel currents
13. Motion in electric and magnetic fields and Cyclotrons
14. Potential energy in an external field.    15. The earth’s magnetism
16. Torque on current loop and magnetic dipole

Kinematics –

Kinematics is one of the most crucial units of NEET Physics. The problems based on the
calculation of the maximum height, range, velocity and time of flight (Two dimensional
motion) are important from the examination point of view. Use proper notes of all the
theorems, formulas, and derivations to ease your last-minute preparations.
Strengthen your understanding on acceleration, displacement, average, and relative velocity
to score from this unit.

2. NEET Chemistry – (45 Questions)
Chemistry is often seen as a subject that you can learn by heart, but often all the exception
can confuse you to solve even the easiest of the questions, SO make sure you revise all the
exceptions and values thoroughly before moving further, Here’s a list of all the important
concepts to look at-
Organic Chemistry –
1. Amines
2. Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
3. Environmental Chemistry
4. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
5. Biomolecules
6. Hydrocarbons and their substituents
7. Polymers
8. F Block Elements
Inorganic Chemistry –
1. D Block Elements
2. Classification of Elements & Periodicity
3. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
4. Coordination Compounds
5. P Block Elements
6. Practical Chemistry
7. Hydrogen and S Block Elements.

Physical Chemistry –
1. Atomic Structure
2. Mole Concept & Stoichiometry
3. Redox Reactions & Electrochemistry
4. Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics
5. Equilibrium
6. Surface Chemistry
7. Nuclear Chemistry & Chemical Kinetics

3. NEET Biology (Zoology & Botany) – (90 Questions)
NEET Biology is the most important section for NEET as it is one of the major scoring subjects consisting of 90 questions if the students do their preparations wisely. During the examination, the questions from this section are so compatible that a well-revised student will never feel
doubtful with his preparations. Biology plays an important role in determining the rank of students in the NEET exam. Here is the checklist of all the topics that you must revise before attempting the exam.

1. Diversity in Living World
2. Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
3. Cell Structure and Function
4. Plant Physiology
5. Human physiology
6. Reproduction
7. Genetics and Evolution
8. Biology and Human Welfare
9. Biotechnology and Its Applications
10. Ecology and environment

Here’s a More detailed list of all the topics that you must go through;
1. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
2. Animal Kingdom
3. Biodiversity and Conservation
4. Biological Classification
5. Biomolecules
6. Biotechnology and its Applications
7. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
8. Body Fluids and Circulation
9. Breathing and Exchange of Gases
10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11. Cell: The Unit of Life, Biomolecules
12. Chemical Coordination and Integration
13. Digestion and Absorption
14. Ecosystem
15. Environmental Issues
16. Evolution
17. Excretory Products and their Elimination
18. Human Health and Disease
19. Human Reproduction
20. Locomotion and Movement
21. Microbes in Human Welfare
22. Mineral Nutrition
23. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
24. Morphology of Flowering Plants
25. Neural Control and Coordination
26. Organisms and Populations
27. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
28. Plant Growth and Development
29. Plant Kingdom
30. Principles and Inheritance and Variation
31. Reproduction in Organisms
32. Reproductive Health
33. Respiration in Plants
34. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
35. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
36. Structural Organisation in Animals
37. The Living World
38. Transport in Plants

At AAYAM we make sure that all the students are well prepared for facing NEET examination
and score good marks and thereby secure a good rank. Wishing you a Best of luck for NEET