How I Prepared for NEET: A Dropper's Perspective

Are you a NEET aspirant looking for guidance on how to prepare for the exam? As a dropper who cracked NEET with a good rank, I am here to share my resources and methodology with you. Let’s dive in!

Physics - Aayaam Academy Modules

I solved Aayaam Academy modules cover to cover, which included every illustration, Beginner’s Box, and Exercise. I also used to go through its theory the day the topic was taught in the class.

Class Notes

My entire physics class notes consisted of just three 200 page notebooks. What was important was that I knew the story behind each word written in that notebook. I sat in the class like a monk, not missing a single word the teacher said and at the same time interacting with him whenever possible. Any doubt and I would get it cleared then and there. And this made classroom learning my major source of theory and concept learning. Though we used to solve just 3–4 simple formula based questions in the classroom in a day.

Previous Year Question Papers

I solved 34 years PYQs in the last two months. I would recommend the MTG one. Arihant did a poor job by writing answers just below the questions



I never solved it. Read it for under mentioned chapters. For other chapters, I used to refer it if I could not understand something even after going through my class notes and modules or in case there was a contradiction.

– Mechanical Properties of Solids
– Mechanical Properites of Fluids
– Thermal Properties of Matter
– Thermodynamics
– Kinetic Theory of Gases
– Magnetism and Matter
– EM Waves
– Wave Optics
– Entire Modern Physics
– Semiconductors

Physical Chemistry - Aayaam Academy Modules

I solved Aayaam Academy modules completely like physics. Never read the theory. (You might read it. I didn’t feel the need since this was a subject where I was already conceptually very strong.)

Class Notes

Class notes were my primary resource for organic. Revised 10+ times.

Inorganic Chemistry - Aayaam Academy Modules

Memorisation based chapters were taught from the modules so I read them multiple times. And of course solved the modules. They had quite a few irrelevant questions and used to leave them.

Class Notes

We were taught the conceptual portions via notes. Again listened like a monk but interacted as much as possible.

Organic Chemistry - Aayaam Academy Modules

My primary resource for organic. Revised 10+ times.

Previous Year Question Papers

Solved 34 year PYQS (IMPORTANT!)

Biology - Aayaam Academy Modules


Master The NCERT by Arihant for questions. Discovered it a bit late but would highly recommend it over MTG FINGERTIPS to anyone starting out.

Previous Year Question Papers

Solved 10 Year PYQs (Don’t go for 34 years)

Class Notes

Didn’t read the class notes but listened everything very carefully. Would read the taught topic from NCERT the same day.


I hope this guide has given you a clear idea of how to prepare for NEET. Remember, it’s not just about what resources you use, but how you use them that really matters. Stay focused and disciplined, and success will be within your reach.

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