There are about forty-two specialty post-graduate courses conducted at AIIMS (New Delhi). The entry is through a nationwide competitive examination, AIIMS PG, held every six months. Each year nearly 50 thousand medical graduates and 25 thousand dental graduates across the country compete for the limited number of positions, approximately <1% of the candidates are admitted through the process.
Institute has a separate Examination-Section of its own, dedicated for all national level entrance exams, university’s internal professional exams and departmental exams. Examination-Section functions through a separate website:

National-Level entrance exams for all undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral (super-specialty) seats in AIIMS (New Delhi) and all other peripheral newly established AIIMS are conducted by this Examination-Section, through Online mode only.AIIMS publishes The National Medical Journal of India. Several journals in medical sciences are edited by AIIMS faculty.